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Charlotte News and Information

Things To Do This Weekend – May 26 – 28

There are certain holidays that bring about particular emotions. Valentine's Day is for love and romance. Easter, Halloween, and Christmas all offer memories and traditions. Thanksgiving and New Years are times to think about blessings and opportunities to come. But...

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Things To Do This Weekend – May 19 – 21

We know it's hot. We know that the Summer months and summer heat waves are coming quickly. We know that we'll have to put on extra sunscreen the next 3+ months and water our grass a little extra. It certainly comes with the territory of living in Southern North...

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Things To Do This Weekend – May 12 – 14

Time. For certain, it's fleeting. Every present (and passing) day is an opportunity to celebrate that very moment that you have. It doesn't always require balloons, flowers, cards and noisemakers. You don't necessarily have to present special gifts, and throw parties...

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